Some of our earliest memories are driving in the family car with our dad singing country and western songs in the front seat.  Our mother got a hi-fi player, she would throw on a stack of 5 LP's from Mario Lanza to Nat King Cole.  Music was playing in our house all the time.  One thing led to another:   Wendy started playing the piano at 12 and Trish began playing the violin in grade 4.  Both sisters have lived in many places Hawaii, San Fransico, Toronto, Montreal, Ontario, Calgary and still 5 years ago found themselves back in the hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  They began playing music together, and immediately starting writing songs on the deck of their childhood cabin.  With such a shared musical history the sisters found their inspiration in jazz-influenced pop and folk such as Joni Mitchel, The Beach Boys, Burt Bacharach, Stealy Dan, and continue to be influenced by the incredible local music, Canadian music and global music that they have listening to together for years.

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