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Prairie sisters Trish Cameron and Wendy Crawford are the multilingual, multi-instrumental singer/

songwriting duo Cameron & Crawford. Their music eludes single genre labelling to follow the path of

inspiration and joy. Citing influences as diverse as Joni Mitchell, the Beach Boys, Bacharach, Dylan, and

Billie Holiday, the duo says “Our musical sensibilities were shaped at home where mom always had the

hi-fi playing opera, folk, or jazz. We sang country songs with dad in the car, sang in choirs, took music

lessons, endlessly played our own music, and listened obsessively to the hit parade and to live music."

Crawford had the songwriting instinct as a teen, rewriting a tune to the chords of “Blue Moon” as soon as

she learned them. Trish came later to songwriting, focusing instead on prose and screenwriting, while

she pursued graduate studies in English literature.


At times over the protests of family, the two enjoyed hours of jamming and extending their repertoires at home, then as at

music camps and gatherings. In May, 2014 co-wrote their first song (a country-influenced tearjerker

titled “Never Said”), while watching the ice melt from Jackfish Lake, Saskatchewan. The inspiration of the

Saskatchewan landscape has continue to inform and inspire both their co-written and solo songs.


The sisters are founding members of an active international songwriters’ group inspired by singer/

songwriter Kristina Olsen’s songwriting class ( The guiding light for their

group is “deadlines,” given to them by their wise leader. All members are responsible for a new song

each month and the group has been instrumental in honing their skills and building a body of work. Trish

and Wendy are active in the Saskatoon chapter of Songwriters Association of Saskatchewan, and

SaskMusic and value the support, learning, and inspiration of their musical friendships and community.


The duo began performing in Saskatoon in 2016, at first focusing on an eclectic mix of covers

drawn from their musical passions, ranging from swing/jazz standards, bossa, French and Spanish

songs, to pop tunes by artists such as Bacharach, Mitchell, and Webb. As they developed their own body

of work, they added Cameron & Crawford originals to the mix and were excited by the positive reception these received.


In November 2019, the duo released their first single, a Christmas song, “A Lovely Time of Year.” (https://, followed by release of singles “Great Wall” and “Indigo Delight.” Performance

bookings began to increase. Then the pandemic hit.


During this crisis, music has been an daily support and encouragement, and the sisters determined to

continue building community, audience, and skill and keeping their forward momentum. They made the

decision to record an album along with videos for release in 2021, and are so looking forward to returning to live venue performance and opportunities to meet you when Covid-19 is in the rear view mirror.

Wishing everyone safety and peace and hoping to be up clos(er) and personal in 2021!

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