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Hello, lovely people. We’re introducing ourselves in hopes you will follow us on our latest musical journey, taking things to the next level where we are recording and releasing our songs to you. Scary and thrilling at the same time! Here goes - prairie girls Cameron & Crawford are sister/songwriters Trish Cameron and Wendy Crawford. Their music eludes labels and genres in order to follow the path of inspiration and joy. Citing influences as diverse as Joni Mitchell, the Beach Boys, Bacharach, Dylan, and Billie Holiday, the duo says “Our musical sensibilities were shaped at home where mom always had the hi-fi playing opera, folk, or jazz. We sang country songs with dad in the car, sang in choirs, took music lessons, endlessly played our own music, and listened obsessively to the hit parade and live music." Crawford had the songwriting instinct as a teen, rewriting a tune to the chords of Blue Moon as soon as she had learned them.The sisters started writing together in 2014 while sitting on the deck at Jackfish Lake watching the ice melt. Trish and Wendy are founding members of an active international songwriters group that met in Kristina Olsen’s songwriting class at music camp in B.C. The magical word for the group is “deadlines”, given to them by their wise leader. All members are responsible for a new song every month. Doing the math, that means they’ve written 24 songs each in two years. Not bad!  The sisters value the importance of their musical community in supporting their on-going learning and growth. The duo is getting ready to release their first song to radio in November. It’s a Christmas song called A Lovely Time of Year. Okay, that’s our bio, folks.  Our plan is to keep releasing singles throughout the coming year and reach an album destination at the end of it. We really hope you’ll love our new song and travel along with us.

Love to all, Cameron & Crawford 

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